Sinclair Container Nursery Stock Coarse Compost 75Lt

Sinclair Container Nursery Stock Coarse Compost 75Lt

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Sinclair Container Nursery Stock Coarse Compost 75Lt

Sinclair Container Nursery Stock Coarse Compost 75Lt is an easily managed coarse grade growing medium with bark and grit. Recommended for both ericaceous and non-ericaceous species.

Sinclair Nursery Stock

High air porosity growing media providing a choice for a wide range of crops and growing environments.

Tips for potting plants
Properly potted plants usually grow as well as plants grown in a garden. Annuals, perennials, vegetables and herbs all can grow well as potted plants. Although each plant has its own pot and soil needs, some general tips can simplify the potting process and ensure each plant is grown in the environment it needs for optimum health. The part of a plant where its stems emerge from its root system is called a crown. Most plants require potting with the crown sitting at or just above the top of the soil. When potting a plant, fill one-third of the pot with potting mix, also called soil. If the soil falls through the drainage holes, then line the pot with a coffee filter before adding soil. The filter holds in the soil while allowing water to drain. Set the plant in the pot, and then add or remove soil from beneath its root ball until the crown sits 1 or 2 inches beneath the pot’s rim. Add more soil around the roots, but don’t cover the crown. Water the soil thoroughly after potting so it can settle around the plant’s roots.

For over 165 years Sinclair has been at the forefront of horticulture. Now part of the Westland family, based in Cheshire, we look forward to helping you grow.

  • Proven, trialled and tested recipes drawing on over 50 years of horticultural expertise.
  • Specialist technical support for the grower.
  • A commitment to reducing environmental impact and increasing the sustainability of our products.

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Number of litres75 litres
Weight25 kg
Dimensions60 × 40 × 20 cm
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