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Your Garden in June

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Summer is finally here (hopefully)! And while this is a perfect opportunity to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour, there are still plenty of things to do in your garden in June. Here is our top 10 list of tasks to keep yourself occupied in the...

June Weather Guide

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At last we can sit back and enjoy some warm, sunny days. Perfect for pottering around the garden, or simply soaking up some rays. Temperatures in June typically reach 20-22°C in some regions, although some northern parts of the UK can expect a slightly cooler but still respectable 16-18°C....

Perfect Plants for June

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A small selection of our favourite plants which produce beautiful displays in June Nepeta x FaasseniiSpreading perennial with a pungent scentRead more Geranium HimalayensePerennial that gives its best display in early to midsummerRead more Achillea 'Fanal'Perennial with flowers popular with beneficial insectsRead more Polemonium CarneumJacob's ladder; a clump-forming perennial with pretty leavesRead more Veronica...


Why is Garden Lime important?

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How acidic or alkali your soil is can have a great impact on how well your plants absorb nutrients. Garden Lime can be a great solution when your soil is just too acidic. But how do you know when that is? Luckily a simple pH test can indicate just how...