June Weather Guide

June Weather Guide

At last we can sit back and enjoy some warm, sunny days. Perfect for pottering around the garden, or simply soaking up some rays.

Temperatures in June typically reach 20-22°C in some regions, although some northern parts of the UK can expect a slightly cooler but still respectable 16-18°C. For this reason, remember to protect your young plants from drought but keeping them sufficiently watered – the ideal time for watering is either early morning or late evening, when the sun is low and less likely to scorch freshly watered foliage.


Most will be happy to hear that June typically brings more sunny days than dull, coupled with longer daylight hours make this an ideal time for enjoying the fruits of your labour in the garden. Southern regions can expect on average 204 hours of sunshine during the month of June, with northern parts receiving a slightly lower average of 157 hours.


You’ll be unsurprised to hear that June is usually one of the driest months of the year, with the occasional thunderstorm to break the humidity. Sadly these storms usually do little to replenish moisture in the soil, so keeping an eye on your garden and watering where required is still very important. The average rainfall falls dramatically during June from 114mm to 50mm in the north of the UK and 47mm in southern areas. You can expect to see rain on one day in every three, so guaranteeing several dry days in succession can be tricky.


Although freak weather conditions causing sudden snowfall inn June are not unheard of, they are extremely uncommon. Even if a light sprinkle of snow does make an appearance, it will not be enough to settle, except for on the very highest peaks.

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